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Failure to Meet the Terms of a Divorce can have Serious Consequences

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Issues surrounding child support and custody linger beyond the divorce proceedings. An experienced modification and enforcement attorney will assist you in issues that arise post-divorce.

It is a reasonable assumption that after a divorce is finalized and the issues of child support, child custody and visitation, and alimony have been settled, that things would run smoothly according to the legal orders. However, this is sometimes not the case and actions for modifying or enforcing these orders are needed. Sometimes other avenues are needed to compel a former spouse to comply with court decrees. Sometimes an order needs to be modified to make it possible for a spouse to comply with court decrees. At Suzanne Schaper Law Firm, we understand that failure to meet the terms of a divorce can have serious and unwanted consequences.

Enforcement of Child Support and Alimony, Child Custody and Visitation

When one parent is not complying with the court's order for child support, child custody and visitation, or alimony, the other parent may ask the court to enforce the existing orders. The remedies for refusal to comply with a prior court order include jail time and interest on the money not paid. In addition, failure to pay child support may result in wage garnishment, liens, and other enforcement mechanisms. Parents who are not able to meet their child support obligations may ask the court to modify those obligations in order to avoid the consequences of an enforcement hearing. Suzanne Schaper is experienced in handling both sides of the enforcement issue. We represent clients who have not received payment of child support or alimony or been denied child custody and visitation, and alimony, as well as clients who have allegedly not complied with those orders.

Modification of Child Support, Child Custody and Visitation, and Alimony

An order for child support can be modified anytime there is a "material change in circumstances" from the time that the existing child support order was signed. A material change in circumstances could be the result of changes in the parent's financial situation, such as a difference in the amount of income earned, loss of employment, inheritance, or a change in the amount of time spent with the child. The material change can also be the result of changes in the child's life, such as medical or educational needs. A significant change of circumstances may permit a former spouse to ask the court to increase or decrease alimony, or terminate alimony. These changes include disability, illness, increase or decrease in income, job loss, retirement, or changes in living expenses and needs. Suzanne Schaper has successfully modified existing orders for child support, child custody and visitation, and alimony. On the other side, she has also successfully defended the modification of existing orders in these areas.

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Suzanne Schaper Law Firm focuses its practice on the single area of divorce and the broad range of issues involved in divorce, including child custody, child support, property division, division of benefits and retirement accounts, visitation, conservatorships, modification of divorce decrees and existing orders, enforcement of divorce decrees and existing orders, as well as pre-marital agreements and post-marital agreements. We represent clients throughout the greater Beaumont area including Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, and Chambers counties.

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