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Child Support Attorney In Beaumont, TX

First Things First: The Well-being of the Children

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Child custody issues hit home, and they hit hard. In Beaumont, TX, child support issues have been a seemingly insurmountable legal obstacle for countless parents. Competent child custody counsel will work with you to determine what is in the best interest of your child and for you.

It is only natural that the first thing on the mind of a divorcing parent is the well -being of his or her children. Child support, child custody, and paternity are the most common issues that affect the children of divorcing parents. Child custody law in Texas refers to the custody of a minor who has not yet attained 18 years of age or who suffers certain physical or mental handicaps. In addition, child support is not always a one-time determination. In the case of unmarried parents, the paternity of the child may be in question. At Suzanne Schaper Law Firm, we understand the realities of child support, child custody, and paternity testing, when needed.

Child Custody in the Best Interest of the Child and of You

The most frequently contested component of parental divorce is child custody. Texas child custody law takes into consideration the rights and protections of both parents and the children. The principle factor in the determination is the best interest of the child. The court may order sole, joint, or split custody. Children of certain ages are permitted to voice their preference to the court. At Suzanne Schaper Law Firm, we commit to developing a child custody arrangement that supports the children's best interest and that is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Child Support and Our Pledge of Protection

In Beaumont, TX, child support is a related but distinct legal issue from child custody. Child support may not be withheld in order to enforce child custody. In the same way, visitation with a child may not be withheld to enforce child support. Child support is based on guidelines calculated by the State of Texas. Apart from these guidelines, other variables such as payment of health insurance premiums, tutoring, counseling, and special schooling come into account. We pledge to protect your rights as the parent who either pays or receives child support.

Unmarried Parents and the Issue of Paternity

Unmarried parents encounter many of the same custody and support issues that married parents do. However, under Texas law, an unmarried father is not usually presumed to be the father. When paternity of the child is in question, a party may ask the court to make the determination based upon testimony and other evidence. We represent both fathers seeking to establish paternity or mothers seeking to defend against paternity fraud.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to matters of Beaumont, TX child support and custody, as well as any other family law concerns, we are simply the experts. Suzanne Schaper Law Firm focuses its practice on the single area of divorce and the broad range of issues involved in divorce, including child custody, child support, property division, division of benefits and retirement accounts, visitation, conservatorships, modification of divorce decrees and existing orders, enforcement of divorce decrees and existing orders, as well as pre-marital agreements and post-marital agreements. We represent clients throughout the greater Beaumont area including Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, and Chambers counties.

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